liver treats sprinkles - the healthy way to treat your pet


a message from Dr Marie Rowe. BVSc. MSc.
Co-founder of The Show’em How Much You Love’em Company
and creator of love’em liver treats sprinkles.


“If your dog or cat is sometimes “off their food” or a “fussy eater” then a few shakes of granulated love’em liver treats sprinkled over their meals will add a delicious liver taste they just can’t resist.


love’em liver treats sprinkles uses only the best quality Australian grown beef and pork liver - oven baked to perfection - then granulated for serving convenience. It’s the 100% natural way to enhance both the flavour and the nutritional value of your pet’s everyday meals.


Since the very beginning, the show’em how much you love’em company has continued its promise to develop quality products for pet lovers that enhance both the enjoyment of pet ownership and the health of their pets.


And as with all love’em products, you and your pet’s satisfaction with love’em liver treats sprinkles is unconditionally guaranteed - or your money back.”


Love'em health treats are the healthy way to treat your pet

liver treats sprinkles - the healthy way to treat your pet



love’em liver treats - in a nutshell


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